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Modern Dentistry

The modern dental office must equip itself with the tools to deliver the quality dentistry you expect. Our office makes every effort in keeping up with the times and technology. Several popular dental journals, like the Journal of the  American Dental Association, Dental Products Report, Inside Dentistry, and Dentistry Today, are read by nearly every dentist in the United States and the World. These journals have recently expounded on the incredible rise in technology for dentistry. According to these experts, the modern dental office should have the following tools:

1. Digital Radiography with immediate computer imaging.

2. Cosmetic Imagers for doing computer simulation of whitening, veneers or crowns, and smile makeovers which allow the patient to see the results of treatment before it begins.

3.   Lasers for caries detection and soft tissue procedures. 


4. A fully computerized patient data and insurance processing system with immediate online submissions of claims.

5. CAD/CAM systems for in-office/same day crowns (Cerec).

        - We also have the newest MCXL milling systems to allow us to do "Smile Today Makeovers".  We can reconstruct your entire smile in one day. 

6. New generation handpieces (Electric) that reduce noise and increase patient comfort during procedures.

7. CAT SCAN technology for diagnosing, and treatment planning for implant and surgery cases.

       - We have the EWOO Picasa Dental Specific CAT SCAN. It is the World's No. 1 CAT SCAN for Dentistry.

The Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center has all these tools and more!  In addition, our office has a hospital water sterilization system  (O-SO PURE) for sterilizing all the water that enters the building.  This way we can be sure that the highest degree of safety can be maintained for each patient regardless of the procedure. Every effort is made to provide our patients with the most up to date and modern systems for their safety and comfort.