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Tooth Colored Ceramic inlays/onlays

CERAC (Ceramic inlays and Onlays) made in one visit 

The Cerac Machine is an amasing piece of dental equipment that has advanced dentistry into the modern era.  The standard way to make a inlay or onlay was to prepare the tooth and then take an impression. Almost everyone has experienced this form of dentistry. The CERAC  is a CAD/CAM machine that mills a perfect fitting inlay or onlay in about 15 minutes.  The Dentist takes the impression with a very special OPTICAL CAMERA that sends the image to a computer.  The dentist then designs the restoration on the computer and once  satisfied with the result  simply  tells the computer to make the restoration.   The only thing the dentist or technician has to do is select the proper shade of the patients teeth.  The ceramic blank is placed in the milling machine and in about 15 minutes the restoration is finished and ready to be placed in the mouth.   This  allows the inlay or onlay to be completed in a single visit..

Here at the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center we have two CERAC Machines and Three Milling units.  We keep in stock a complete inventory of BLANKS for every possible restoration.  Our patients love this form of modern dentistry and the best part is that the restorations are TOOTH COLORED and extremely cosmetic.  These restorations are biocompatable with the tooth and have nearly the same physical properties as enamel.  This is modern dentistry at its best and has brought cosmetic dentistry into the 21st Century.