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Short Implants

When Implants were first conceived the manufactures of implant systems didn't think OUTSIDE THE BOX. Bicon Corporation in 1985 departed form the box and developed a short implant system. The dental community looked at the system and instantly assumed it would fail because it just didn't fit the mold. We were completely wrong. The engineers that developed the implant system was able to design a  unique  but equally supportative implant system. In fact the design has the same or greater surface area as the tooth there are intended to replace. There are still some disbelievers but the research supports the system. You  might ask why we would use a short implant.  When people seek the help of a dentist for reconstruction they have usually been years since they lost their teeth. Boney resorption has occurred and there may not be available bone to place a STANDARD Root Shaped implant. The placement of the implant may be close to a nerve or would invade the sinus. This would not be  good. The Short Implant becomes the ideal system in such cases. These BICON short implant systems can be combined with normal systems or mini Imtec systems to gain the maximum functionality for nearly anyone. If you think that you can benefit from these new implant designs with your specific needs then give us a call. We will try to answer all your questins and possibly be able to provide you with some solutions.