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Dental Implant Concerns

Although dental implants have progressed both in design and surgical placement there are complications that create difficulties for implant success. A lack of  adequate bone  for the placement of the implant  is the major complication in successful implant therapy.  Implant techniques now address the need to place bone grafts to achieve the necessary support or to lift the maxillary sinus and place a bone graft so as to have enough support for the molar teeth. Additionally the Use of PRP(Platlet Rich Plasma), which up until a few years ago was very difficult to acquire on  a normal patient in a dental office is now available to a properly trained dentist. The advent of computer technology has allowed dental professionals to  have the ability to collect a blood specium from the patient and within a few minutes produce Platelet Rich Plasma which produces 7 times the healing potential of normal blood. When an implant is placed we want it to be successful. Every available technique needs to be part of the NORMAL operation to achieve consistant success. Knowing that  the bite is much stronger in the back of the mouth and needs  boney support for success, grafts, sinus lifts and PRP may be necessary to accomplish that success. Click the links below to read more about Bone Grafts and Sinus lifts and PRP.

Bone Grafts

Sinus Lifts

Platlet Rich Plasma

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