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Smile Makeovers

It seems that everyone has heard about or seen a TV program where someone has recieved a SMILE Makeovers. They can start out with buck teeth or crooked teeth or missing teeth that are really discolored and end up looking like a HollyWood Star. Unfortunately, this gives the general public the idea that such a transformation is extremely expensive and out of reach for most people.  Well I've got news for you. This kind of case isn't the NORM for most people. There are very complicated cases and there are not so complicated cases. Often times if a person has taken care of their teeth and there are in healthy condition then a few simple Cosmetic Procedures is all that is necessary to get that Smile You have always wanted. The Majority of Patients usually have a through oral evaluation with x-rays to be sure there isn't any serious underlying problems. If everything is healthy then we usually  Whiten their teeth first. Then we replace discolored filling with tooth colored fillings to match the NEW WHITE TEETH. If there are other teeth with  discolored caps or Crowns then they may have to be replaced if they are visible when the patient smiles. We usually finish up the Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Recontouring of the teeth.  These steps are not expensive and can add a new smile that you never thought you could have had. Don't get me wrong, some cases are very complicated and if you are reading this you may be one of those people. You won't know until you talk to me and let me see what we can do.  An example of a complicated case may be someone who has lost a lot of teeth and requires Implants. Maybe their front teeth we capped years ago and are OLD STYLE CROWNS with those dark rings around the gum line. There are as many different approaches to Smile Makeovers as there are people, but if you are interested let me look at you. Ask some questions. Cosmetic Consults are Free and you will know when you leave here what it will take to make smile like  Hollywood Star or simply very natural and healthy. . I really hate that Holiwood smile  term because what you really want is  beautiful natural looking  teeth  that enhances your complexion and gives you confidence to smile. Anyway I hope this has been informative. Please read about the  Cosmetic Procedures that we do and also look at the Smile Gallery. Who Knows you might end up on my Smile Gallery.


Dr. J. Terry Alford 

Your Bradenton Cosmetic and Implant Dentist.

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