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Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures unfortunately are a last resort for people who have lost their teeth to periodontal disease, accidents, poor health, cancer and chronic poor oral hygiene.  Denture wearers usually do OK with an  upper denture because the upper jaw is wider and has more bone support and therefore can support the force put on the tissues when biteing. Even the upper jaw frequently has severe bone loss and the patient needs to use denture adhesive to hold the denture in position. The lower denture is usually the prothesis that is a pain in the rear. The lower jaw is horseshoe shaped and the bones resorb quickly after the teeth are extracted. The muscles of the jaw and the tongue exert forces that cause the denture to move. The normal bite pressure that most of us can exert is minimized because the gums have to support the bite.

Now there are implant systems that can help the denture patient. In fact there are several implant systems designed specifically for denture wearers.

If a patent has good bone and gums then they usually can have standard length implants and possibly a complete restoring of their teeth. However, most denture wearers especially those people who have had dentures for years do not have ideal bones or tissues. Even then there are systems that are available for these patient as well. Imtec Corporation developed a MINI implant system that can be placed in minimum bone. The implant extends above the gum into the denture and holds it stable preventing it from moving during function. The denture is still touching the gum but it doesn't move and offers much better function with an increase in biteing force. These mini implants are usually less expensive and can be accomplished in a few appointments.

What happens if the bone has shrunk so severely that there isn't enough height of bone for the MINI implant. Well there is also the short implant.Click here to read about Short Implants and when , why and where they are used.

The only way to know which system is best for you is to talk to us. Let us know what you want to know and we will try our best to give you the answers.  You can restore your function. Consults are Free. Call Us for an Appointment