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Digital Pan X-ray/CT scan

Digital Pan X-rays and CAT SCANs are the newest and greatest products in dentistry. Acutally PAN X-rays have been around a long time but they were taken with film  and required a lot of DARK ROOM  processing. The quality of Digital Scan X-rays is superior to the old films.  These type of X-rays are used to evaluate abnormal  conditions found in the jaws, Wisdom Teeth, help treatment sequencing, determine growth potential and to view normal and abnormal anatomy that can change treatment.. Below is a Pan X-ray of a 21 Year old Male.   Can you find his wisdom teeth.  Are they impacted.  Can you see if his sinuses are clear. Are his TMJ's normal and displaced properly for his bite.  You see there are many  diagnostic things that can be obtained from one of these X-rays...