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A Beautiful and Healthy Smile communicates confidence and self esteem faster than anything. Is there something about your smile you don't like and maybe would like to change.

Hello and welcome to The Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center.   First,  We  want you to know that  your Medical  health and Oral Health  followed by your SMILE is our top priority.  Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with personalized care.  We believe that beauty without function is worthless so we place emphasis on oral health with  proper function but  we also want you to SMILE.  So we also  have services like  COSMETIC DENTISTRY, SMILE MAKEOVERS, DENTAL IMPLANTS and reconstruction to help you achieve that smile you have always wanted. 

We also do the everyday dentistry which   requires meticulous attention to even the smallest details. We also provide a very specialized procedure called "Smile Makeover Today". Here we can reconstruct your entire smile in a SINGLE DAY using the newest CAD/ CAM (Cerec) Technology. It is the most amazing dentistry with awesome results available today.  You can achieve that smile you have always wanted.  We are  so serious about helping you that a consultation is free.  

Our commitment to serving our patients  is  to insure that our facility is the safest possible in light of the COVID 19 PANDEMIC.   Our facility is equipped with Hospital Grade UVC germicidal lamps (53 of them throughout the building)  that sterilize everything in the building. We also have two commercial grade Ozonators that kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.  In addition to insuring that the building and its contents are sterile we also utilize the "Patriot  UVC air sterilization system in all the air conditioners.  Finally we sterilize every drop of water that comes into our facility with he newest  Hospital grade Water Sterilization System.   We activate these systems ever night so that each day begins with the safest and healthiest possible environment for the staff, and patients. 

Our facility is also equipped with  the most recent and up to date  Dental TECHNOLOGY  which  includes  LASER DENTISTRY, complete training in complex GUM reconstruction with  PINHOLE SURGICAL TECHNIQUE (PST) as seen on "The Doctors", dental implants, teeth whitening, digital radiology with CT cone beam  SCAN Technology, Cosmetic imaging for Smile Design and computer simulation.  We also provide  BOTOX and Facial Rejuvenation with RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, RADIESSE ,ARTIFIL and the Secret Hollywood PRF FACIAL with LASER SKIN REJUVENATION for wrinkle reduction and beauty Skin enhancements.

A beautiful smile for a lifetime is our goal.  In today's world we know that  information is powerful and  we believe that the right  information will allow you to make the right decisions. This website is a  resource of information that we hope you’ll find both useful and educational. The more educated about today's dentistry and the more informed you are as a dental patient the better decisions you will make for you and your family. 

If you have any questions,  just call. Our Number in Bradenton is  941-792-3033

Thank You for visiting out web site and remember:

"Smiles are our Business"

Dr. J. Terry Alford

Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center P.A.
Dr. J. Terry Alford 
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