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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction or removal

Facial rejuvenation has become  a very popular procedure to look and feel younger without undergoing invasive surgical procedures. Here at the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center we perform these procedures with a completely different approach to the way these procedures are performed in other facilities. We use only certified FDA  products that have  reported excellent SAFETY and  RESULTS.  Below is the list of products that are used in our office.

  • Restylane  - Dermal filler that last about 6 months (learn More).  Before and after photos click here.
  • Perlane - Dermal filler for deeper tissues (Nasal folds) last about 9 months.
  • Juvederm -Dermal filler that can last up to a year. (Learn More).
  • Radiasse - Dermal Filler that can last up to 15 months.
  • Belotero - a new Dermal filler specifically designed for Tear Troughs .
  • Artefil - Permanent dermal filler whose mechanism is different than the above products. (Learn More)

Botox - used on wrinkles of the forehead  and crows feet.  The duration and effect  of BOTOX depends on the concentration of the product as it is reconstituted by the doctor and the response by the patient.  Normally it last about 4- 6 months before the wrinkles begin to return. (Learn More). Here at The Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center we take great care in the proper placement of the BOTOX. Before and after photos Click here.

The method of delivery of these Dermal Fillers or the use of Botox on the patient is where the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center differs from other facilities.

If you decide to undergo a facial rejuvenation with the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center you need to know that it will be a very comfortable procedure.  We utilize a surgical protocol to cleanse the face and insure that the tissues are clean and free of bacteria, oils and  makeup.  By cleaning the face with antimicrobial cleansers and insuring a bacteria free skin surface we can be assured that any infections can be virtually eliminated.  Additionally, we take great care to ANESTHESIZE  (NUMB) the areas that will be effected by the dermal fillers.  In this way the procedure is  virtually PAINLESS .

Many patients that have undergone this procedure in other facilities and then here at the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center have reported that they would never again consider having the procedure any other way.   

Your satisfaction is very important to us.  As such we take multiple photos before the procedure and after the procedure. This allows us to SCULPTURE the face to a desired result.  This is very important because if you choose to select a more permanent filler  you need to know what to expect.

Call us and schedule an appointment to discuss your individual needs. Take a look at some of the photos that show the before and after results.