Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center P.A.
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Our Exceptional Staff

It is my opinion that the staff at the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center is the best trained in the world. They are all Certified Dental Assistants with expanded duty certicication and radiological certification and they received training at the best dental assisting schools in the country. The Hygienist are extremely gentle and take pride in understanding the need of every patient. Additionally, the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center is a state certified "internship training facility". As a result we have the advantage of hand picking those students who are simply the best of the best. It isn't often we need to hire new people as you will see below, but when we do we don't compromise.

Denise Collier, CDA

Denise Collier has been an Assistant for 27 years. She graduated from Manatee Vocational Technical Institute with certificates in Radiology and Expanded Duties. She was hired by Dr. Alford right out of school and over the many years has acquired many additional responsibilities at the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center. She is chief Implant assiistant, Inventory Control specialist and Primary Student Trainer. She has two young boys and enjoys going on family camping trips with her husband Fire Chief Samuel Collier. She and Sam are FOSTER PARENTS and have had over 26 children in their home. Her hobbies include gardening and raising chickens. She presently has Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Chickens. Soon she will have a goat.

Debbie Geiger, RDH

Debbie Geiger is an original Florida Cracker. She is a full time DENTAL HYGIENIST and has been with Dr. Alford since 1989. Her husband is PGA Golf Professional and she has two children. Debbie specializes in being the BEST GRANDMOTHER in the world to her 5 grandchildren.

Patty Hocker, RDH

Patty Hocker is originally from Indiana but has lived in Florida for 30 years. She has been with the Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center since October 1994. She is married to Bill Hocker and has two boys. Her oldest son has graduated from Florida State University and Now resides in Chicago. Her youngest son is attending college with a passion for music production. Patty's husband Bill is a world renown Paramotor Pilot having been a principle orginizer for the first 5 world paramotoring conventions. Patty is an avid reader and loves to travel and go to the beach. She and her husband support foreign exchange students from Germany and each year they take a trip to visit the families of the children that have stayed in their home.