Dermal Fillers 2

Restylane, Perlane,  and Juvederm are Dermal Fillers that are made up of a molecule called Hyaluronic Acid.  This a naturally occuring molecule in our skin and below our skin layer.  The older we get the less Hyuronic Acid we have in our skin.  Hyaluronic acid holds a lot of water and this is the reason that our skin looked and felt  smoother when we were younger.  As we age the skin looses this molecule and the water with it and wrinkles begin to appear.  Dermal fillers can replace that lost Hyaluronic Acid and absorb water to make our skin and wrinkles look younger. The difference between all these products is the size of the molecule.   Restylane is thinner than Perlane and Juvederm.  This is the reason that the Restylane doesn't last quite as long as the perlane or juvederm.  Restylane is used on the lips and certain parts of the face where the creases are not very deep.  Perlane is used along the sides of the nose (Nasolabial) area.  This area is referred to as the  Nasolabial fold.   Juvederm is very similar in molecular size to Perlane.  Artefil is a completely different dermal filler. It is not Hyaluronic acid but rather a collegen stimulator.  The presence of Artifil within the skin creates your own collegen. Therefore it is considered a permanent filler. It presently is the only FDA approved permanent dermal filler.   Below are some photos of before and after treatment with all the above products.   You'll notice an immediate filling in of the wrinkles and smoothness to the skin.  After the treatment  you will see  the skin  actually get better after  a few days.  This occurs because of the uptake of water into the hyaluronic Acid molecule. 


                  BEFORE                                                                          AFTER


                      BEFORE                                                                       AFTER